Nica is a brand, but she’s also a real woman

Meet Nica Kim, born in South Korea, educated and now based in the UK.

Established in 2005, Nica the brand reflects Senior Designer Nica Kim’s unique aesthetic, combining a British love of quality and individuality mixed with an Oriental sense of fun and delight in detail.

Whether she’s in vibrant London or the spectacularly exciting city of Seoul, Nica Kim is always on the lookout for inspiration for her next collection, with her free-spirited customer always in mind. Nica Kim sees designing as a journey of discovery – about creativity, culture and self-development. This philosophy gives Nica a truly personal touch that appeals to independently minded women.

The launch of Nica the brand was a dream come true for Nica Kim, who whilst studying at the London College of Fashion won a competition to spend a week with the design team at handbag specialists Creative Ltd. The team at Creative were so impressed with her design skills and creativity that the template was set for the brand that was to become Nica. In 2009 Nica was taken over by TLG Brands, the UK's leading supplier of affordable luxury handbags and accessories, and together they are expanding the brand in new and exciting ways.

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